Other Various Convertible Top Motor Styles

So far I've provided information about some of the most common convertible top motors. There are many more styles out there. I've worked on most and have photos of some. I don't know every model used in every car, but hopefully these photos will help when it comes time to match up a customers top motor. If a customer can tell me what photo matches the motor and what photo matches the electrical connector, I can normally provide an exact match as a replacement even if I'm unfamiliar with the car. At this time, I do not have any photos of BMW or Mercedes convertible top motors.

 The photo below shows one style top motor which has been used in several different automobile makes and models. They've been used in the Chevy Cavalier, Chevy Camaro, Oldsmobile Cutlass and even in Saab convertibles. I'm sure it's been installed in plenty of other models also. The two photos next to it are two types of connectors typically found on this top motor.


This style motor was installed in the VW Cabrio from 1997 through 2001. It may be in other years also. It costs about $850 from a dealer. My repair service fee for this model is $100 + $10 shipping. I currently have 5 in stock.


Just thought I'd throw this one out also. IIRC this is from a 1957 or 1958 Chevy convertible.






The photos below are some of the various electrical connectors.


Both of these style connectors are typically found on modern GM convertibles.



This style electrical connector was used on practiaclly all GM 5044xxx style hydraulic top motors in the 1960's and up until about 1972.



The connector on the left was used by Ford in it's 1994 and up permanent magnet style motors. The connector on the right was used by Ford from 1965 through 1993. It was also used by Chrysler Corporation through 1995.


This connector was used primarily in Chrysler convertibles.



This connector was used in Mitsubishi Eclipse convertibles.



This connector was used on VW Cabrio convertible top motors.



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