Eclipse, Cavalier, Celica & Sunfire
Gear Drive Motors

This style top motor was used in: 

  1. Mitsubishi Eclipse convertibles from 1996 through 2004.
  2. Chevy Cavalier convertibles from 1995 through 2000.
  3. Toyota Celica convertibles from 1995 through 2001 (????)
  4. Pontiac Sunfire convertibles from 1995 through 2000.

The Cavalier and Sunfire models are completely interchangeable. The Eclipse model will not interchange with the Cavalier and Sunfire. I rebuild/repair these motors only in pairs. The standard Method 1 rebuild price for any of these top motors is $100 + $10 shipping per pair. A core fee of $100 per motor is required if using Method 2.

Once again, the years are by my current memory. If you have some input about years of use, please let me know. I'll try to round up some cross reference info soon.

 I will only rebuild this style top motor in pairs. When one motor fails, the second WILL fail also. Maybe not immediately, but it is put under so much stress due to the initial motor failure that it will fail eventually. I refuse to rebuild one motor only to have a customer install it and then be right back at square one when the other motor fails a week later.

This photo was taken of a motor removed from a Chevy Cavalier. It is 100% interchangeable with the Sunfire. Externally it is very similiar to the Eclipse and Celica.

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