Purchase Methods

You won't easily find a rebuilt top motor with a comparable warranty for even twice the cost of what I offer. Most salvage yards in my area want $100 for a top motor in "as-is" condition. My experience has shown purchasing a used top motor is a crap shoot. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't and most fall in between.

If you're looking for a 1960's era GM top motor, forget it. Eighty percent (yes, 80%) of the used ones I've purchased off Ebay have been no good. I offer a choice of a rebuilding service or exchange service. I offer very fair prices, but in order to keep prices low, I need cores for maintaining stock.

I have two methods available for a customer to purchase a top motor. Both methods were developed after many suggestions from previous customers. If you have any input or constructive ideas on how to make this more clear or easier to understand please email me.

 You can get a rebuilt top motor with an
"As long as you own the car" warranty
 using either of these methods:

Method 1: You ship your top motor assembly to me to be rebuilt/repaired.
You are responsible for shipping your assembly to me.

- The reservoir must be drained of fluid prior to shipping. It's very important that no significant leakage occurs.

- After draining the reservoir, wrap the assembly in paper towels or rags.

- As an extra precaution, put the motor in a plastic shopping bag wrap the excess bag  around the motor.

Upon receipt, it will be evaluated for rebuilding. If it cannot be rebuilt I'll contact you to determine the next course of action. Otherwise, I'll rebuild it and ship it back to you or ship you an identical model if I already have one on the shelf ready to go.

Please see the other pages of this website for current charges for Method 1 for your model. If using Paypal to make payment, payment must be made in full before an assembly is shipped back to you. If not using Paypal, please include payment in the package when you send your top motor. Please put the payment in a zip-lock bag. We all know Murphy's Law. Some fluid is bound to leak and it will always find the payment envelope.

Method 2:  This method requires prepayment with a core charge. I ship you a rebuilt top motor and you ship your core back to me.

Please email me first
to ensure I have your style motor(s) in stock and ready to go. Sometimes inventory changes rapidly and some models are difficult to keep in stock. I try to keep everything available, but I have no control over how long it takes to get a core return. Thank you for understanding.

  1. This method is not available for the 1960's and early 1970's GM hydraulic top motor assemblies. These motors have a seven digit part number on the motor endcap which starts with 5044xxx. Too often, I get cores that look like they spent the last 30 years at the bottom of a lake. If your 5044xxx model is totally trashed, seized up due to corrosion or has rust falling out of it, etc, please don't take advantage of my rebuild service to get an inexpensive rebuilt unit. There's nothing worse than getting a core return that is blatantly unsalvageable. If you're unsure, contact me and we can determine it's condition together to come up with a plan to help you out.
  2. For all other models of top motors total prepayment will vary depending on the model of top motor.
  3. The extra core charge must be made with the rebuild service payment prior to any motor(s) shipping out. I keep all my top motor records, emails, etc for each customer, so I've never had any issues with losing track of funds. A complete refund of the core fee will be sent upon receipt of your core as long as it's in reasonable condition. My feedback on Ebay can be checked at anytime by anyone. I think it shows that I don't play games with anyone's core fees.
  4. Upon receipt of payment, I will ship you a rebuilt top motor assembly. This is normally done no later than the first business day after payment is received. Please keep in mind that I'm human, I'm married, I have a 9 year old son, I have a "honey do list" just like every other married male on the planet and I have a real job that averages 50+ hours a week. There will be times I can't get things shipped immediately due to life's general issues.
  5. After you swap the top motors, return your old one(s) to me. Please follow the same packaging instructions as in Method 1.


     An instruction sheet and squeeze bottle are included with each hydraulic style top motor assembly to assist with installation and filling. each top motor will have a sticker with warranty and contact information. I'm always available for advice/guidance/assistance. I try to check email at least once per day so responses are usually fairly quick. I rebuild these motors in my spare time and normally have some of each model in stock and ready to go. If you have a rush order, I can usually make it happen. If you have any questions, need more information or want to discuss your unique situation please email me.


Special Note for 1960's and early 1970's GM hydraulic style top motors:  These motors have a seven digit number on the motor end cap. The first four are always 5044. They almost always have serious corrosion and winding/armature issues. They take a lot of time and effort to get right. I'll provide rebuild/repair services for these motors on a case by case basis. I prefer to have them sent to me first for evaluation prior to any money changing hands. Please contact me if you have one of these top motors which you'd like to have evaluated. The rebuild service price for 5044xxx motors is $125.


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