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     The goal of my repair service and this web site is to help the average person find an affordable way to repair a non-functioning convertible top. If you have an automobile with a convertible top and it's no longer operating properly due to a failed pump or motor(s), you've found the right place. I offer what is probably the best deal on convertible top motors available anywhere and include an almost unbeatable warranty.


     I've acquired, repaired and sold hundreds of convertible top motors of various ages and manufacturers. I've been offering a repair service on ebay for over three years and have had excellent success. Many of my customers have mentioned they were unable to find an affordable way to repair their convertible. Many said they searched the WWW, but found nothing until they ran across my auction on ebay. Just about everyone has suggested that I should build a web site to advertise my repair service. So, here it is. I'm not a web site designer, so this site is going to be under construction for a while. My ebay auctions have a lot more information, and until I can get this site complete, you may want to check it out for more information. You can find my ebay  auctions under user name topmotorrepair. Click below to see my auctions:

 If you don't see your style top motor on this web site, it doesn't mean I can't help you. It just means I probably temporarily ran out of room. If you have ANY questions at all, feel free to contact me using the "Contact Me" link.



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